Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I've written at least 25 posts. I have left almost all of them saved and unpublished. Some of them are humorous, some not so much. I don't know why it's so difficult to just write something and not care how much thought is put into it. It just is.

Anyway, this post is short and blunt. I worry. I worry way more than I should. I worry about anything and everything. I need to worry less. I need to not worry. I need to be worry-free, one might say.

But I don't see that happening. I worry; that's what I do.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Back to the Grind

Okay it has been a lifetime and a half since I last updated this thing. However, consider the following:
-I last updated right before I started finals, so I had no time until they were over.
-I went home right after finals.
-I had important shit to do and catch up on, so blogging wasn't possible.
-I have a life.
Those reasons are all more or less valid. Except the fourth; that one is a lie.

Anyway, I find myself once again finding myself sitting behind my desk facing the same daily grind. In front is the familiar backdrop of my mahogany desk with all the decor: all my letters, my recent postcard from babydoll, post it notes, and enough sunscreen to power an albino village. Behind me linger the homoerotic tendencies of my deranged roommates. Same shit as usual.

I have been in school for about a week, and I'm already tired of this. First semester was long, and thinking about going through another one of the same frustrates me like a motherfucker. School isn't particularly hard, but I'm tired of going through the motions. Am I the only one that feels this way? Maybe...

In unrelated news, snow is cold.

Obvious, but often taken for granted. This snowstorm stuff isn't that nice diet snow that you find on the ski slopes. This shit burns your face, hands, and ears on your way to class. If it wasn't so cold I would slightly enjoying stripping and running around Boston unseen, but the single digit temperatures are deadly. Boston is really pretty when its white though. It looks like something straight out of a classic oldschool made-for-TV Christmas movie. However, I would definitely appreciate it if it were a visit instead of a stay.

And to end on a positive note, break was amazing. The 4 happiest weeks I have had since I left for college. Catching up with all my friends was great, especially since it wasn't over a cell phone over teh internetz. All my friends are irreplaceable and I'm always waiting till the next time I see them. Its always good to know there are some things that time doesn't change, and I'm lucky to have something so constant.

Now, I'm just waiting. I can't wait for my spring break, which starts March 6th. I'll be going home and seeing whoever is around. Katherine is coming home for that weekend, so I'll happily be reunited with babydoll. A couple of weeks after that, Katherine is flying to Boston to spend her Spring break with me. I'm already ecstatically planning our Boston trek. Also, I have heard that Meher, Crystal, and Chery want to come over spring too, which would also be sweet.

One last shoutout to google video chat. You fucking rock.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Give Thanks, Mothafuckas

Thanksgiving is next week. I'm looking forward to it I guess. My mom promised my aunt that I'll spend Thanksgiving at her house. Thanks Mom. Three of my cousins, all who are in college as well, are going to be there. So I'll spend the holiday catching up with them. They also have a deranged German Shepherd, with whom I will undoubtedly end up spending a lot of time with.
I've always found Thanksgiving a pointless holiday. I've used it as an opportunity to sit on my ass and do nothing except shove copious amounts of food into my mouth. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy getting fat with friends and family as much as the next guy, but I don't think I've ever actually considered all that I have to be thankful for. Being away from home this Thanksgiving, it is a good time to start.
-Parents: Pretty self explainable. Always doing shit for me that I probably don't deserve.
-Brother: It's amazing how a single phone call from an 8 year old can turn your day around. He called me on the day after his birthday thanking me again for the Star Wars wii game I bought him. He went on for 10 minute about how cool it is and how good he is at destroying droids.
-Friends: This one is tricky. I've already attempted to describe all that I get from my friends eight times, only to erase everything I've written. My friends make me smile, make me laugh, and make me procrastinate until 3 AM. Honestly life would suck without you guys.
-Girlfriend: It always surprises me how my baby can always be there for me even when she is 2,600 miles away. I need to remind her how much she means to me more often.

I'm well aware this is more than a week early, but its also 18 years late. I totally had this going towards another direction. Whatever, I had to write something.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Halloween Merriment!

As all of you know Halloween passed two weeks ago. I may have told some of you about my ridiculous night, but I'm sure I told most people that they'll have to wait to hear about it. My sobriety levels were low throughout the night. It went a little something like this...

Wednesday night, two nights before Halloween my roommates and I went to a huge Halloween warehouse store. Due to the last minute nature of our visit, the place was a huge mess. It was impossible to find anything, so we decided we'd all mix and match to make something ridiculous. The end result: That shirt was about as tight as it looks. Those leather pants were tighter than they look. A friend of ours told us that there was some dope party going on at some MIT frat house on our campus. She informed us that the party had a guest list, which she put us on. We didn't hear about anything better, so we decided to give it a shot. The frat house is about a 2.5 mile walk from where we live, so we decide to hop on the T (our cable car-subway system). Before we leave our room we decide that we should get our drank on, in case shit hits the fan. We then embark on our trip. Always the prepared one, I brought no change of clothes to ride in. Needless to say, it was one entertaining ride. I got challenged to a dance-off by annoying bitches, who ended up finding out that there's no room for novices on the dance floor. Halfway through the ride, Jason (giraffe boy above) said he could "see the outline of my package". Excellent.
We get to the frat house (which is more of a mansion really), only to angrily find out that our friend had really NOT put us on the guestlist, but rather assumed that she can substitute us for three other girls she put on the list who couldn't come. Because boys and girls are treated equally. Especially at frat houses...
At this point I get pretty angry at everyone. Its a cold long walk back, and I wasn't feeling it at the moment. Still considerably drunk, I demand to the frat whip boys that they let me in. The conversation goes something like this, verbatim:

Me: Hey its a fucking long walk back. And I'm built for dancing, not walking
Frat Whip: Bro I'm sorry. This is a guest list even only. You guys should have put your names on the list if you wanted to come.
Me: And how do I go about doing that Rabbi? (He was dressed up in a black suit and a hat. I later found out he was a maffioso)
Whip: The event was on Facebook bro. You had to put your name on the list dude.

Blown away by the list's legitimacy, I walk away. About five minute later our friend comes down from the party with some dude right behind her. The dude talks to the "bro" that wouldn't let me in. They quickly debate the subject, and the whip boy hesitatingly decides to let us in. I glare at him going up the stairs.
Inside, the party was pretty average. There were some beats bumping, some people dancing, and some annoying bro'skis and slutty bitches dancing. Pretty standard stuff. After a couple of minute of mingling and shit, some chick comes over to me and begins to conversate:

Her: Hey I overheard you talking!
Me: Congrats!
Her:Err, yeah. I'm from Sunnyvale! What high school did you go to?
Me: I went to Monta Vista!
Her: Oh my god! Do you know Danny Katz? He's in one of my classes??
[At this point I collapse on the couch in laughter]
Me: Yeah i know DANNY Katz! He always scratches his nuts and shit right?
Her: Umm what? No, I don't think so.
Me: Oh. Must be a different Danny Katz. (maybe the ball scratching tendencies died away with the I,E, and L in his first name)

I promptly stand up and leave this girl. I ask some frat boys where I can get some drinks. Frat Whip A appears out of nowhere and tells me to follow him upstairs. I do. I lie to him that I like his Rabbi costume. He gets kind of mad, saying that he is a maffioso. I tell him he should be flattered that his costume is so multi-dimensional. He laughs at multidimensional. He says I should attend MIT. I laugh. He leads me to the drinks room.
I get a few more draanks, get a few more laughs at my costume, and decide its time to go back downstairs to check how everything else is going. Im really more drunk than I should be at this point. The staircaise, which is one of those oldschool circular marble staircases, is lined with portraits of the Frat graduats from each year. These portraits are framed and have a glass lining, and each hangs delicately on the wall. I get somewhat dizzy going down the stairs, and decide to lean on the wall instead of the banister for support. However, I end up leaning against a portrait. Needless to say, the portrait slides off its support, and slides down the indent on the wall, sliding downards against the wall. The portrait slides at least 1 foot down, hitting another portrait, consequently knocking that one off its support. This vicious domino effect continues until 5 portraits are one the stairs. One has its glass support shattered, and I'm at the top holding up the first portrait, completly dumbstruck. Five years of MIT alumni destroyed with one fell swoop. Visualize this:

The portraits all slide down a little indent like the banister, knocking into each other and knocking more and more portraits down until the entire wall is cleared. Hearing the noise, the Frat president starts climbing up the stairs, and takes one look at the destruction, then looks at me. I think quickly, and decide its time to turn the tables on his ass. In an accusitory tone, I start yelling about how the top stair is wet. I angrily declare that this setup is a health hazard and he will be held responsible if anyone hurts themselves. Obviously confused, and somewhat scared, the president orders some whipboy to dry the top stair. He humbly apologizes, and I quickly go and blend back into the mass of people on the first floor.
My roommates are dying on the floor from laughter, and decide to give me shit about the accident for the next 30 minutes. We soon get tired of the party and decide to leave. Jeremy, my other roommate decides its a good idea to throw a cinder block laying on the lawn at the house, so he does. The cinder block explodes on impact with the wall, and we decide to run away like little schoolgirls. I don't recall the walk back much other than what pictures exist on facebook. Most definitely a treat.

Getting used to formatting this bitch- semi random

I occasionally have some free time in between class, homework, and being belligerent (future blog). When I do have some spare time, I like to enjoy myself with some merriment of the NBA variety. Currently residing in Boston, I can happily say I have access to every Celtics game airing on the local sports channel. This means that I get a daily allotment of Sam Cassell.

As you can see, Sam Cassell is one ugly son of a bitch. He's not just your average turn away and pretend you don't see it ugly. He would make Helen Keller squirm. If looks could kill, this dude would make Hitler look tame. Don't believe me? Take a gander at these:
Its hard to argue with 47,300 results. This quickly becomes somewhat depressing, as you realize just how unappealing his face is. However, I believe once he retires he does have the potential to double in some long awaited big budget sequels. Consider...

Putting 2 and 2 together, its comes too natural:

We can continue this trend to other genres, getting:

Pretty self explanatory.

Ok, now that this comes out of my system and I know how to use this format, expect less random posts.